During the OLED section of the CES 2015 press conference, Netflix took to the LG stage in Las Vegas to announce their continued partnership with LG and their upcoming service addition, the ability to stream TV shows and movies in a High Frame Rate version.

This will come alongside the release of new OLED TVs that support the new super fast refresh rates, and is likely to be released alongside some of Netflix’s upcoming original programming that will be available in 4K such as House of Cards.

Other films that support High Frame Rate is Peter Jackson;s The Hobbit, we don’t know if this will be something that will be available in HFR on Netflix, but it’s certainly a possibility.

With both a 4K resolution and HFR, viewers should be provided with a much better experience in the home, resulting in the best picture possible.

As of yet we don’t know specifics on the release date for Netflix’s support for High Frame Rate, but we do know that it will be released sometime this year, presumably available for all current subscribers.

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