If you watch any good TV programmes from around the world, then you have probably seen Breaking Bad and you will probably also know that the finale to season 5 is soon to air in the US, kicking off on August 11th, the final eight episodes will be broadcasted on AMC.

However thanks to Netflix, the UK will also get the final eight episodes just a day later, with the service grabbing exclusive rights to stream the finale in the UK and Ireland from August 12th.

Each episode will be added to the service every Monday on a weekly basis, in line with that of the US.

But in the meantime, Netflix are also streaming every episode of Breaking Bad, up to the end of the first half of season 5, so if you want to catch up, or simply watch some re-runs before the finale kicks off on August 12th you can do.

Or just check out the following trailer, for a quick look at what has happened so far in the show (spoilers ahead).

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