One job that I am sure a lot of people might want would be to sit and watch Netflix all day, and to most that may seem like a simple dream, however it may be more than that as Netflix has this week revealed that they are looking to hire users to watch Netflix originals before anyone else.

These new recruits will be named “Taggers” and will be paid to watch the TV shows and movies that Netflix has in order to improve its recommendation algorithms.

Netflix has already employed over 40 taggers worldwide, but now the streaming service is looking to employ some more from the UK and Ireland.

Betsy Sund, senior global communications manager at Netflix, said the following in the job announcement: “We are excited to hear from the UK and Ireland’s most passionate TV and film fans and offer one lucky person the fantastic job opportunity of becoming a Netflix Tagger.”

Check out the video below for more details, you can also apply at the source link.

Source: Netflix

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