This week Netflix revealed more details about an upcoming addition to their streaming service.

This is the announcement that they will be the exclusive streaming service to broadcast the upcoming Star Trek TV series. However, it won’t have exclusivity in the US.

That’s because, not only will CBS be showing the first episode on TV, but they will also be streaming the rest of the episodes on their online streaming service, exclusively in the US.

But that will only apply to the OS, outside of which Netflix will be offering the TV show for streaming to everyone around the world, aside from Canada, who have a separate deal.

Each episode will launch on the streaming service within 24 hours of its arrival in the US.

It will certainly be an interesting addition and a good reason to keep your Netflix subscription going.

The Star Trek TV series will premiere in January 2017, you can find out more about its Netflix launch at the source link below.

Source: Netflix

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