Getting WiFi around your home is hard, using just a router isn’t going to get you access to Facebook around your house and wiring your entire house for internet access is a trouble that not a lot of people want.

Netgear think that they have a good solution to that with their latest WiFi Range Extender, the AC750 (EX3800), which has been designed to extend the wireless signal from your already existing router to another location in your house.

The EX3800 is also a dual-band extender, meaning that it can extend both the 2.4GHz and the 5GHz band from your router, with support for WiFi speeds up to 750Mbps. It also includes a main passthrough socket, allowing you to plug a device into the extender itself so that you don’t have a dedicate a single slot to the extender itself.


In terms of design, the EX3800 is a simple piece of kit, featuring a rectangular straight edge design with triangular ventilation holes on the side and a silver front plate. The who thing is 55 x 114 x 34mm in diameter, so it is extremely compact, which is a very good thing considering that many devices in this market tend to take up way to much space when plugged in.

netgear-ac750-review-1The front of the device also features a total of four lights, one for the status of the extender, one for the power status of the device, one for the connection quality to the router, and another for indicating a WPS connection.

The router and device lights are particularly handy as they allow you to monitor how effective the extender is from a certain location, as well as monitor the devices that are connected to the extender.

If you take a look over to the left side of the device you will notice a button for activating WPS to connect to your home’s router easily, as well as another power button for turning the power on or off.

This is particularly handy because it means you don’t have to pull it out when you want to turn it off, and the power passthrough will still work when the extender is off.

However, because the Ethernet port is on the side of the device, connecting wired devices to the extender is rather tricky, that said, having an Ethernet port is great as it means you can place this next to something like a printer that doesn’t have WiFi and connect it to your network.


Setting up the EX3800 is very straight forward, plug it into a socket that is within the room that you want to extend your WiFi too, press the WPS button on your extender and then on your router, and then after about 30 seconds you are ready to go.

There are some other settings that you can go through to extend the extenders capabilities, login to the extender by connecting to its network and then type in

This is where things get less straight forward.

You will have to sign up for the Netgear Genie service first before you can access the EX3800’s settings, but after that, the settings are set out in a way that is easily understandable, and getting the EX3800’s bands, names and passwords setup correctly is as simple as typing them in from here.

During my own tests, I found that the Netgear EX3800 work work perfectly fine as long as it is about 8-10m away, however, up to about 15m that connection would drop and any further than that and the extender would drop pretty much completely.

If you are looking to extend your WiFi into a hard to reach spot within your home, then you should definitely consider Netgear’s EX3800, it has a range of great features, and it will definitely do the job that you need it for if you are looking for a simple extension.

However, if you are looking for something more performant that you may want something a little more feature-full, or you should possibly think about moving to another solution, like possibly wiring your home, which will be way more performant.

Netgear AC750 (EX3800) Dual-Band WiFi Range Extender review
4.4A great way to extend WiFi around you house, but not a complete solution to getting WiFi performance.
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