You may remember the Arlo Q review that we posted some time ago, which is a smart security that works with your phone and the cloud, but that camera did have one major problem at that was that it was tied to the indoors.

But the Arlo Q does have a bigger and frankly better brother, the Arlo Pro.

What makes the Arlo Pro particularly interesting is that it is both completely wireless, but it is also ready to go for indoor and outdoor recording for your security needs. You probably wouldn’t notice that at first glance as it does have a similar design to its predecessor, the Arlo HD but beyond the design there are some improvements under the hood, including the option to power it with a single rechargeable battery, a built-in speaker, and a mic.

Netgear also said that they have upgraded Arlo’s motion detection feature, night vision, and weatherproofing.

The Arlo Pro also has an IP65 rating, allowing it to even more weatherproof over the original, which was rated at IPX5.

And there is still more, the Arlo Pro is also wireless, allowing you to place it exactly where you need it by either connecting it to your WiFi connection or to the Pro Arlo base station, which will connect to your WiFi connection in a similar way and can then be used to connect to the individual Arlo Pro cameras over an extended range of a line of sight of 300+ feet according to Netgear.

And that also comes alongside an extremely loud 100-decibel siren, which is sure to either scare off any attackers or at least hurt their ears for a good amount of time, trust me, I tested it begrudgingly. And it also allows you to store security footage onto a USB drive, or a couple of USB drives, which is a huge plus over the original, which previously only allowed you to store footage on the cloud.

But, you can still record that footage to the cloud if you like. The Arlo Pro comes with a free cloud storage plan to do that, allowing you to store up to seven days of recording from up to five cameras. You can upgrade that further to the Premier Plan (30 days for up to 10 cameras) for £6.49 per month, or the Elite Plan (60 days for up to 15 cameras) for £9.99 per month.

Setting all of this up is fantastically easy, download the Arlo smartphone app on Android or iOS, plug in the Pro hub to your router and power, press the sync button on the base, and then push the sync button on the camera (which you’ll have to put the battery inside of before doing so), after which the Arlo smartphone app will guide you through the rest of the process and will also be the place to set up all of the other features on Arlo Pro.

Once complete, you will be able to get security footage going and see live footage right from the app.

As you go on, you can add more cameras in the same way as the first and place them where you need them.

Getting the camera’s in the right spot is also pretty easy to do, as there are no cable’s required, you don’t have to worry about plug sockets or trailing wires, and the flat bottom of the camera allows it to sit nicely on any equally flat surface.

Netgear has also included a cool mount that can be screwed onto an interior wall, ceiling, or overhang and then hold up the camera via a pretty powerful magnet. During the first few days, I sat the camera that I was using under an overhang on our outside shed, a pesky animal was repeatedly digging holes behind here and I wanted to figure out what that pesky animal was, I caught my criminal:

As you might be able to see in that video, the night vision mode is definitely sufficient, however, it’s not overly impressive. You can clearly see anything that is right in front of the camera, however, despite the claimed 25-foot night-vision range, the background of the picture is not as clear and is actually quite dark, as such, it might be a good idea to place it where there is exterior lighting if you are going to use it outdoors.

Alongside that,  the camera isn’t able to record 24/7, due to the fact that it is wireless and Netgear wants to keep that battery performing well, the Arlo Pro will only record on an event, such as motion or audio detection.

To set up this, you can select one of the four predefined modes, or one of your own modes. In the ‘Disarmed’ mode the camera will be completely off, then in the ‘Armed’ mode, Arlo Pro will record five seconds of both video and audio and alert you via a push notification by default, with ‘Schedule’ mode you can set specific days and times in which motion detection is active,

In the ‘Disarmed’ mode the camera will be completely off, then in the ‘Armed’ mode, Arlo Pro will record five seconds of both video and audio and alert you via a push notification by default, with ‘Schedule’ mode you can set specific days and times in which motion detection is active, and finally in the Geofencing mode, you can turn on motion/sound detection when you leave home and then turn it back off when you return.

All of these can be edited to your liking, or if you prefer you create a custom mode with your own settings, with the ability to record video at a range of lengths up to two minutes, set one camera to trigger the recording of another, or set up the motion sensitivity from 0 to 100 percent.

Netgear has included a pretty handy Motion Detection Test in the app to help you work the latter out correctly.

To conclude, the Arlo Pro from Netgear is a pretty great security camera in the 21st century, it is a modern look at what a security camera can do and it expands upon what we have previously received with a Pro hub and many of great features.

That hub is particularly interesting because it turns the Netgear Arlo into a smart home system, expanding your wireless coverage and allowing you to use the wireless Arlo Pro cameras across your abode, with up to 300ft of coverage.

That hub also a security measure on its own thanks to that 100db siren. All of this is also really easy to control and setup thanks to Netgear’s Arlo application. With all of this, we would definitely recommend considering Netgear’s Arlo Pro for your home security system if you are looking for something that’s easy to setup and does what you want it to do when you want it to do it.

There are a number of Arlo Pro options to choose from, including a 1 camera kit available for £299, a 2 camera kit for £486, a 3 camera kit for £679, or a 4 camera kit for £839.

You can also buy individual Arlo Pro camera add-ons for £219, or an add-on Arlo Pro base station for £99.

[alert type=blue ]Disclosure: Netgear sent us a sample of the Arlo Pro for the purposes of this review.[/alert]

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