Getting the internet around your home can be tricky,  just a wireless doesn’t work, and wiring you home requires a lot of special equipment, doing DIY, and most likely, annoyance.

PowerLINE aims to be a solution to that, providing you with a way of getting the internet around your home, without having to take apart a bunch of walls, or dealing with dead spots.

Netgear’s PLW1000 PowerLINE is one of those devices, it aims to provide you with the ability of extending your WiFi internet access via your existing electrical wiring.


To get set up, you plug the powerline adapter into your modem or router and then plug the WiFi end of the adapter where you want to extend your WiFi.

This could be where you have a game console or smart TV, or even around the back of your house to get WiFi in the garden.

However, when plugging powerline in then you should make sure that you don’t plug it in an extension lead to make sure you get the best possible connection.


The two adapters will then connection each other and begin extending your home’s wireless with 1000Mbps speeds, and Homeplug AV2 support, which is a standard that will provide support for Gigabit speeds.

You can also add additional powerline adapters to expand your powerline network further, and decrease the amount of WiFi dead zones around your home, or get Ethernet access to places around your home, without having to rip apart your walls.

You can also clone your current WiFi network, allowing you to roam around your house and automatically, with your current WiFi settings.

This makes it easier to create an entire WiFi network around your home, without having to wire up multiple switches, or routers, just plug in the powerline adapters and go. The WiFi part of these adapters has 2.4GHz/5GHz 802.11b/g/n/ac capabilities.


The design of the adapters is pretty simple, they are white boxes that have a sleek finish on the front. The main powerline adapter has rounded sides, with an Ethernet adapter, the Push-and-Secure button, and a factory reset button, then to finish it off, you will find the Netgear logo alongside some lights for the power status, the powerline link and the connection to the secondary adapter.

The second is slightly larger, with a slightly different design to that of the primary adapter. There are two antennas to emit the WiFi signal, which sit above the two sides of the adapter, one of which is completely plain, whilst the other features the Ethernet adapter for the extended connection, a button to reset the adapter, an on/off button, the Push-and-Secure button, and the Push ‘N’ Connect button, or rather the WPS button.

The main PowerLINE 1000 Adapter (PL1000) is sized at 100 x 59 x 37.5mm and weighs 136 g, while the PowerLINE WiFi Access Point (PLW1000) is sized at 121 x 87 x 48 mm and weighs 286 g.

The size of the PLW1000 is particularly annoying because it means that you can’t get to the switch behind it, and some plugs will not fit alongside it when the adapter is in a double switch.

In the box, you also get both of these adapters, two 2m Ethernet cables to connect them with.

All in all, the Netgear PLW1000 PowerLINE WiFi kit is a great, easy way to get internet access around your home, with the capability of wiring things in, and extending your home’s wireless signal, without needing to do any DIY.

Sadly, it does have a few problems, it doesn’t have a power pass-through port, meaning that you the adapters take up an entire power port, without offering any way of plugging something in alongside it. On top of that, there’s only one Ethernet port on the extender, we would prefer a couple for better extendibility.

Aside from that, during our tests, we didn’t find any problems with the adapters, and they did what they pretty much did what they said on the tin.

Netgear PLW1000 PowerLINE WiFi review
3.9A great way to get the internet around your house, but it is missing a few extras
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