Netgear has been revealing a number of new additions to their security cameras over the past few months, and today they revealed the latest addition to that, a new baby monitor called the Arlo Baby.

When I first saw an image of this device from the press release I couldn’t work out if this thing was just plain scary or cute, or both.

This one is a particularly scary shot.

At its basis, it is simply a dedicated version of the Arlo security cameras but reworked to allow it to work for watching your baby or child.

The device also features a design that has been created for your child, with the ability to attach green bunny ears and feet to the camera if you so choose so. You can remove them if they scare you too much. They are also available with alternative costumes for $19.99 each.

The baby monitor will send parents a notification any time their newborn moves or starts to make noise via the Arlo app on their phone, where they can also check in on their kid live or watch a recording if they missed the moment.

The camera has a speaker built in, so parents can use it to talk to their children or play lullabies via the speaker and there is a nightlight on the back that can glow in multiple colors, which is pretty cool and the camera has infrared lights for recording at night.

The camera goes on sale sometime in April for $249.99 and there will be a bundle that includes a 7-inch tablet to show the Arlo Baby’s live feed which will be available in June for $349.99.We don’t yet know other

We don’t yet know other availability around the world.

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