If you are thinking about picking up a new iPhone 7 this week then you might also be interested in Apple’s wireless AirPods, which a lot of people have said that they would lose easily, if you are one of those people who have thought that, then you might be interested in Spigen’s latest product.

Called the AirPod Strap, it has been designed to attach to both of the AirPods and then allow them to rest on your neck just like a normal pair of Bluetooth earphones would.


The strap has been built using TPE rubber and they require no special tools or work.

Just slide each AirPod into the built-in sleeve at the end of each strap, and then you are good to go, without worrying about losing your brand new AirPods.

The strap is sized at 21.8 inches long and also features a wire holder clip that allows it to be wrapped up neatly, without running the risk of tangling the cable.

You can also wrap it around the AirPods’ charging case.

You can pre-order Spigen’s AirPod Strap today for $10, presumably, they will launch alongside the AirPods in order around October.

You can find out more at the source link.

Source: Spigen

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