We have heard a lot about the iPhone 8 already and it’s design has all but been confirmed at this point by pretty much every source possible, including Apple with their own firmware.

Today we heard about another leak for the iPhone 8, which might show the design of the upcoming smartphone ahead of release.

It was posted by the Twitter leaker Evan Blass and shows what appears to be a UAG case for the smartphone, featuring a cutout along the top of the display for the new front facing camera setup.

There also doesn’t seem to be a home button and nor does their seem to be many bezels.

It does look like the buttons along the side of the device may be much of the same, however, we can only see the left side, it would be interesting to see the right hand side as well.

We expect to see many more leas after this, especially case leaks as a lot of the time, before the new iPhone is released we see a range of possible cases for it, there’s no reason why the iPhone 8 should be any different.

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