Livescribe and Moleskine has this week teamed up again to launch a set of new premium notebooks to work with the Livescribe Smartpen, all of which have been designed to capture and transfer notes and images from drawings and writing on paper to a computer or to a movile device.

This means that the user can easily access their notes from more or less anywhere, and with the Evernote integration that Livescribe added recently its really easy.

Users can also use the Smartpen to record audio and link it to their written notes. They can also tag and flag items by tapping the on-page icons by pressing the tip of the smartpen to the paper.

Evernote Moleskin Livescribe 1

In terms of the actual Moleskine notebooks, they have been designed with round corners, a ribbon bookmark and an elastic closure, and a flyleaf label where the user can note where someone should return the book to if lost.

The paper inside is also ivory-coloured and acid-free, with a clean and crisp surface that makes it great to write on for more or less anyone.

Gilles Bouchard, CEO of Livescribe explains the notebooks with the following:

“There’s something magical about writing on paper with a pen, it opens up your imagination and allows you to expand your thinking beyond the constraints of a keyboard, with these new Moleskine notebooks and a Livescribe smartpen, you can tap into that inspiration, and store everything on your digital devices too.”

“Far from disappearing, handwriting is developing into new forms,” Maria Sebregondi, co-founder and VP of Brand Equity and Communications at Moleskine continued. “Whereas once it relied on a quill and inkpot, now we use roller pens, spray cans, or smartpens to capture our thoughts. We’re creating tools and services which bridge analog and digital methods for a more seamless experience. The Livescribe notebook is a further step in that direction, building on our previous partnerships with digital companies.”

Currently there is only limited stock available for the Livescribe Notebooks by Moleskine, which are available in #1 and #2 series hournals, available for purchase from Livescribe’s website for $29.95, or globally from for €29.95 and £23.50.

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