The camera on a smartphone has quickly become one of the biggest reasons to purchase a smartphone over the last few years, despite that some users might think that Apple’s iPhone is somewhat lacking.

Some people who thought that have this week unveiled a new Kickstarter project to try and make that a thing of the past. Called Moment, their project is to release an iPhone case that adds some missing features and has been designed specifically for the iPhone 6.

To that they are like looking to add a shutter button, lens and camera strap to the iPhone via the Moment case.

Check out the video below for a quick look.

Currently the project is looking to raise $100,000 and at the time of writing it has already reached over $110,000 in pledges at the time of writing.

You can find out more about Moment and make a pledge at the link below. Those who pledge $49 or more will also be pre-ordering their own Moment, which will be shipped to them provided the project goes ahead.

Source: Kickstarter

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