Nest has today announced the launch of its second generation smoke detector, featuring a number of upgrades over the previous smart detector, the new Nest Protect has been completely redesigned from inside and out.

Within that new design it features new sensors for improved smoke detection and earlier notifications.

With Nest Protect, fast detection means an earlier Heads-Up: a soft chime and voice to let you know that smoke levels are rising. It’s an early notification you can easily hush. No panic. No noise. Just lower the heat. Open a window. Make breakfast.

Part of that is thanks to a new smoke chamber, designed to help reduce false alarms. All photoelectric smoke alarms are susceptible to dust and bugs and any tiny particles that can get into the smoke sensor over time. So the second generation Nest Protect has a stainless steel screen with tiny hexagonal holes that let smoke in and keep everything else out. We’ve engineered this screen to have improved fluid dynamics and it passed extensive air flow testing.

You can take a look at the new Nest protect at the video below, and at the source link just below that.

Source: Nest

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