The press team for Vodafone just let us know some awesome news, the new Nokia 3310 will be launching in the UK on the mobile network “soon”.

They didn’t reveal an exact date for its launch, aside from stating that it will be “coming soon”, however, some rumours have suggested that it will go on sale before the end of April, but even that is still a rumour, Nokia has yet to confirm any sort of release date.

They did reveal during the announcement that the new Nokia 3310 will be priced at €49, which is around £35, however, that might change slightly.

We don’t know if the other UK networks will be carrying the smartphone, however, O2 has already confirmed that they will not be offering the new smartphone, which may be a bummer for some.

We will update you as we hear more from other networks.

[Update April 17th: It has now been confirmed that Carphone Warehouse and Clove will also be stocking the new version of the Nokia 3310 in the UK in terms of retailers.

On top of this, EE has also confirmed that they will be offering the Nokia 3310 alongside Vodafone, who previously confirmed the news.

O2 still won’t be stocking it and neither will Three.]

In case you don’t remember, the new Nokia 3310 is a reincarnation of the smartphone we all loved back in the day.

The new version comes with a few upgrades to bring it up to the standard of modern times though, including a 2.4-inch 240 x 320-pixel resolution, along with 16MB of internal storage and a slot for a microSD card that allows you to expand that storage by up to a further 32GB.

It also comes with a 2MP rear-facing camera, Nokia Series 30+ pre-installed and a 1,200mAh battery.

This is all featured in a 115.6 x 51 x 12.8mm that weighs just 76.6g.

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