Sony has just launched a new trailer for InFamous Second Son, showcasing some of the PS4 gameplay from the game.

An open world action adventure video game, Infamous: Second Son will be released on March 21st and is currently under development by Sucker Punch Productions. Set in the city of Seattle, the trailer shows a number of new graphically elements in the game such as neon market signs, the sun breaking through clouds, rain and some massive palm trees.

“We challenged our team to create all the painstaking details of the atmosphere, architecture and weather of Seattle, an open world complete with traffic, Seattle denizens wearing real, 3D-scanned clothing, expansive vistas, and destructible environments that are interactive with your powers. It’s also running at true 1080p,” explained Sucker Punch Productions.

Check out the trailer below for see some of those ‘next-generation’ graphics.

Source: Sony

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