Earlier this week Blizzard announced the awesome news that Doomfist will be launched for all players on the PC, Xbox One, and the PlayStation 4 later this month, and they had a lot more up their sleeve than just that.

Today some details were about an upcoming update that will launch the second annual ‘Summer Game’, which will bring new skins, taunts, voice lines, sprays, emotes, and more to the game as part of a summer celebration.

Last year that celebration was the Lucio Games, which was basically Rocket League but instead of cars, you hit the ball with Lucio’s abilities.

We don’t know what the event will be this time and we don’t know if they will be repeating what was offered last year this year either. Thankfully, some people have data mined the game files in the PTR to find out what will be included in this year’s summer games, listing the following for what each character will get:

  • Reaper x2
  • Tracer x1
  • Torbjorn x1
  • Reinhard x1
  • Mercy x2
  • Hanzo x2
  • Pharah x 2
  • Widowmaker x2
  • Winston x 1
  • Bastion x1
  • Symmetra x1
  • Zenyatta x 1
  • Genji x 1
  • Roadhog x1
  • McCree x 2
  • Junkrat x 2
  • Zarya x 2
  • Soldier 76 x2
  • Lucio x2
  • D.Va x1
  • Mei x1
  • Sombra x4
  • Ana x3
  • Orisa x4 (plus 1, non-event item)

We don’t know how these split up between items, but it is likely to be a mix between the available customisable sections.

On top of that, they also found eight new achievements alongside a new Summer Games player icon.

Sadly, we don’t know when the event will be just yet, however, since it was August 2nd last year, it is widely thought that the 2017 Summer Games event will fall on the same date.

We will update you as we hear the official stuff.

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