At Gamescom today, Respawn unveiled some new details about Titanfall 2, in particular, they revealed details about the game’s multiplayer aspects.

One of the biggest details that they revealed is that they are getting rid of the Burn Cards system. With more predictability involved than what existed before.

In place of this, Respawn is adding a new mechanic named Boosts, which will provide a range of different bonuses and power-ups. Some of these boosts include Amped Weapons to buff weapon damage for a set time, Ticks which are drones that will attack nearby enemies, and finally the Smart Pistol, which is an auto-aiming sidearm that is the same as the original version, but only available for a limited time.

Before you enter matchmaking you will have to pick one of these dedicated Boosts, to help people work out what their opponents are capable of.

You can check out the trailer below for a quick look at Titanfall 2’s multiplayer.

You can also check out the following trailer that shows off the game’s upcoming Tech test beta, which will kick off from August 19-21 and August 26-28.

Check it out below.

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