Final Fantasy has always been one of the staples of the game industry for nearly 27 years, and it’s still going with a new game called Final Fantasy 15 currently being developed by Square Enix.

Today we have some more information on that game thanks to a new trailer that has been released today, check it out above, or grab a basic description for the quotes we took from Square Enix’s description of the game:

“The story is based on the Fabula Nova Crystallis mythology, but has no direct relation to the other games in this series as it features a unique world, visual design and different characters.”

“Its main protagonist Noctis Lucis Caelum is the prince of a mafia-like royal family which protects the last remaining crystal in the world and rules over a technologically advanced city-state. The plot centers on the invasion of a war nation that tries to conquer the crystal. During the course of the game, Noctis meets the aristocratic and kind Stella Nox Fleuret who shares his ability of seeing a mysterious “light” connected to a goddess of the dead.”

“The game’s party-based battle system is a realistic version of the one seen in the Kingdom Hearts series: the player selects a command such as “Attack”, “Warp”, “Magic”, “Item” or “Link Form” and the characters will then perform the desired move. There are also other actions such as double-jumping.”

“The party comprises a maximum of three members and control over them may be switched during battle. The team is initially assembled by the game, but players can choose their preferred party members later on. However, the main protagonist Noctis is permanently present and the only character that can equip any weapon, while others are specialized in one type of combat.”

Final Fantasy 15 will launch on both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, however as of yet we don’t know when.

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