Bungie has today released a brand new trailer for their upcoming Destiny video game, a title which will be launching on both the Sony PlayStation 4 and on Microsoft’s Xbox One, alongside the older PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360 on September 9th 2014.

The new gameplay trailer focuses on gameplay from the PS4 however, granting a first glimpse on how the game might play out on the console, as well as providing new details on the gameplay styles that are possible using the various characters that are playable within the game.

“Within Destiny there are plenty of variety within each category, too. The autorifle sub-category include burst-fire pulse rifles, single-shot carbines, and an array of full-auto assault rifles that prove murderously effective at close range.

Despite the sprawling arsenal, Bungie’s designers are taking pains to hand-tune each weapon’s look, feel, and lore, making them feel like natural extensions of the game’s fiction, not the expressions of some rampant computer algorithm.”

Check out the new trailer below and for more information on the new Destiny game jump over to the Bungie Destiny website for details.

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