I have to admit it, I’m pretty excited for Destiny’s The Taken King DLC, from what has been released so far it certainly looks like Bungie might have finally got a DLC right, with trailers and information being released during Gamescom 2015 this week that certainly impresses us.

One of the biggest changes in the DLC is the removal of Peter Dinklage’s voice acting as the Ghost in favour of Nolan North, who will be taking of the voice acting role of the Ghost completely, replacing Dinklage’s previous dialogue, and voicing the dialogue for The Taken King.

Check out the new trailer below for a quick look.

Also here’s the full list of changes in The Taken King:

  • Weapons, armour, class items and Ghost shells will offer perk customisation and increased power and light for your guardian.
  • RNG has got an upgrade to reward you with items you could use more frequently, and avoid giving you what you already have.
  • Lore will be accessible in real time.
  • All original mission have been reorganised, contextualised and placed in a new quest framework.
  • Vanguard vendors will have quests unlocked at certain points of progression.
  • There will be quest lines for new and old subclasses.
    • The Titan’s quest will have you interacting with a rogue mercenary clan of Titans, who can teach you the ability to harness the power of the sun. The Hunter’s quest will lead him or her to track down a solitary nomad who has gone missing – and who holds the key to unlocking the power of Void energy. Finally, the Warlock will tap into the power of the storm through a shamanistic ritual with Ikora Rey
  • Eris Morn quests will lead to the ” rediscovery of a forgotten weapon type.”
  • There will be equippable emotes in the emblem selection.
  • Holding L2 on the pause screen will now show a glimpse at the energy types of equipped weapons, with new visual icons for items and subclasses.
  • Intellect/Discipline/Strength that tell in seconds what your cooldown is, rather than a percentage.
  • “As an alternative to using or sharding your new high-powered Legendary weapons and armor, you can also improve an item you like by sacrificing another piece from the same gear slot.”
  • “The Cryptarch more reliably provides rewards that match the Engrams you give him.”
  • The Gunsmith will have  a repuatation meter that is levelled by testing out common prototypes, each with their own challenges like killing an enemy at a specific location.
    • Each rep level gained will open up Armsday purchases, will allow you to pay glimmer to order a Legendary weapon and receive it with a random set of perks on Wednesday.
  • Legendary marks will replace Crucible and Vanguard marks, and Armour Materials will replace Hadronic Essence, Sapphire Wire, Plasteel Plating.
  • You don’t have to war class items to gain rep with factions, just click pledge allegiance with the faction to gain rep, but you can only do so with one at a time.
  • You will also be able to turn in unwanted materials for rep.
  • A new shader console and Emblem console will be added to the Tower to improve vault space, “We’re still bumping into a technical limitation for vault space. We are exploring options for getting stuff out of players’ inventories via these kiosks that we’ve placed around the tower, but we’re still working toward a solution that we’re excited about.”
  • You will be able to change displayed weapon in the Tower.
  • More than a dozen new Exotic weapons and half a dozen Armour pieces for each class, including No Time To Explain which is basically an Exotic Stranger’s Rifle, Sleeper Simulant which is a Heavy Fusion Rifle, and an unnamed exotic that is gained through a multi-step search quest on the Drednaught.
  • All unique namesake perks on Exotics will be immediately unlocked.
  • 8 new maps and 3 new modes for Crucible, with new modes including Mayhem, Rift and Zone Control.
  • New Crucible quests that grant players 5 weekly bounties in addition to daily bounties, once all 5 are completed the player will unlock a bounty which can reward a Legendary or Exotic weapon.
  • Better matchmaking for skill and connection.
  • A new mercy rule will be added to “dramatically misbalanced” matches early to preserve K/D and player happiness.
  • 8 new missions that include new cutscenes.
  • 4 New strikes (3 outside of PlayStation), 3 remixed versions of older strikes, public events, class quests and the new raid called Kings Fall.

Bungie also released the following trailer to tease the Suros Arsenal Pack, which will be available for all who pre-order The Taken King and will include three SUROS-branded primary weapons, a SUROS-themed Armor Shader, and a SUROS Fire Player Emblem.

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