E3 is set to take place in a couple of weeks at the Los Angeles Convention Center from the 5th to the 7th of June, but if you live in the UK live me you probably didn’t get a chance to grab a ticket or even thought about it, but thankfully you might still be able to get your gaming fix at this year’s newest gaming expo called, Play Expo.

Hitting the EventCity Venue in Manchester on the 13th till the 14th of October, the event organised by Replay Events will feature some of the latest gaming releases and previews, which have been set out in four different zones for attendees to visit.

The first of these zones is called now.play where the latest game releases and previews for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PC and handheld consoles will be shown off.

The second zone to feature during the expo is called re.play which will give attendees the chance to play some of the best arcade and pinball machines, retro consoles and vintage computers.

Pro.play is another zone to feature, which will be set up as a competitive eSports event giving attendees the chance to take part is some awesome pro gaming tournaments.

The last zone to feature will be called cos.play and is brings something to the event we don’t normally see at gaming expos and gives attendees the opportunity to take part in costume role play activities including masquerades, talks and anime.

Sounds great to me, and since Gamesfest has been cancelled this year it might be the only event where you can catch some of the newest games this year, apart from the yearly Eurogamer Expo. If you want to attend the event you can grab a ticket from Play Expo’s website today, but there will be a stream provided by ECL, an eSports provider who will be covering the whole event for those who didn’t get a chance to grab a ticket.

Check out the press release for more info:

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London, 10th May 2012

Today, a new UK gaming expo Play Expo 2012 was announced at an event in central London. The show will occur at the brand new EventCity venue in Manchester on 13-14th October 2012. Tickets go on sale today at http://www.playexpo.net/.

Play Expo will be the only UK video games expo catering for all gamers and all forms of games. Located at the brand new EventCity venue in Manchester, the show will cover four core gaming zones:

  • now.play – latest releases and previews for Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC and handheld
  • re.play – freeplay arcade & pinball machines, retro consoles and vintage computers
  • pro.play – a competitive eSports event featuring pro gaming tournaments
  • cos.play – costume role play including masquerades, talks and anime.

Organised by Replay Events, the new expo follows their successful Replay shows in Blackpool over the past three years. Using the experience gained from staging their own events and exhibiting at some of the largest consumer gaming shows, the team at Replay are confident that Play Expo will offer opportunities for the widest possible range of publishers, accessory suppliers and gaming peripheral companies to get involved.

Play Expo spokesperson, Gordon Sinclair said: “There is great demand from gamers for a show outside of London and from our experience, we know there is appetite for Replay’s unique approach. In fact, we surveyed previous attendees to our shows and found that 96% said they wanted this type of event and that they would be very likely to attend. With that kind of support, we are confident that this huge step forward will be a successful one for both us and our exhibitors.”

Play Expo will be able to comfortably accommodate 10,000 consumers over the two days. In addition, Play Expo today announced a partnership with eSports provider EGL – which will stream the expo to up to 500,000 worldwide viewers.

Gordon commented: “Our previous events have had the support from the gaming community and publishers and this has allowed us to go bigger and better in 2012 with the launch of Play Expo 2012. We can’t wait to welcome people to Manchester in October and will announce in the coming months all the exciting activities that they will be able to experience”.


Via[ Play Expo]

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