Quite often at CES you will find random pieces of accessories that will blow your mind, the new ASAP Charger from a company called Ibattz might be one of those accessories.

What makes the case/ charger so spectacular is that it claims to remove the iPhone 6’s battery life problem, allowing you to charge your iPhone 6 in just 15 minutes according to company.

The Ibattz ASAP Charger does this by using a 20V, 2A charger that blows a regular 5V, 1A chargers 1 hour+ charging time out the water.

The problem is that natively the iPhone 6 does not support this kind of charging, so how well it works all depends on testing, but we don’t think that this kind of quick charging will work too well with the phone, at least it probably won’t do much good for the iPhone’s battery.

The ASAP charger will be available in both a 5,600 mAh version and in a 11,200 mAh version.

As of yet no pricing or availability has been announced.

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