For a while now, Google has tried its hand at creating its very own social network to compete with the likes of Facebook, in the past they have got it completely wrong and with Google+ they hope they have finally got it right.

Google are released the extremely limited beta today which can be accessed at,, the new network actually looks really good, i for one cannot wait to use it myself, the site is set out in a sleek design which is designed around a black bar on top where the user can use a variety of Google Pages, based around already accessible Google services.


The most amazing feature I think that is included with Google+ is the built-in Google Circles feature, this feature allows the user organise their contacts list into circles they choose, all the user has to do is select the contact and drap to the circle of their choice.

Once you have created your circles you can use the next feature, Google+ Sparks, this feature is basically a search engine which allows you to search anything you like and add it as an interest, after this you can then connect to other people with the same interests as you.

The next feature is another cool one called Huddle, this a multi-platform group messaging service which will work across iOS, Andriod and SMS. This will allow you to message all the people in your circle.

There are a few more features to but i think these 3 are the best of the bunch, all the features Google has added into their new social network might actually make Google+ a success, I am definitely going to use it, i know a lot og people will to.

I think Google has finally done this the right way and it might actually become a huge success, especially with MySpace selling up soon, Facebook is their only big contender and with the amount of people who use Google as a search engine alone, it will certainly have a large amount of possible accounts.

Check the MySpace for sale story: MySpace to be sold for less than £19 million

Wil you use Google+? Do you think it could take on Facebook? Has Google finally got it right?