Will The Playstation 4 Look Like This?

DigiTimes recently reported that a number of Taiwan-based manufacturers are being to produce the new Playstation 4, in order to get the next gen console up and ready for a 2012 release date.


Among other rumors it is though that Playstation might update their Playstation Eye camera, to that of the Microsoft Kinect, with full body motion control (which i don’t think will happen, as they made Move it would be a waste).

DigiTimes also reported that the component makers for the PS$, Foxconn and Pegatron Technology have been told they have to make 20 million PS4s in 2012 alone.

Sony has already confirmed that they have begun working on the PS4, but we where in believe it would be some way of because of Sony stating the PS3 had a 10-year life cycle ahead of itself.

I think Sony may release the PS4 next year as the PS3 had already had 6 years on the shelve, maybe they will sell the new console along the PS3, to boost the PS3’s cycle.

At the moment we do not know.

What do you think? Will Sony bring their gadgets out quicker than we thought? What do you think the PS4 might look like?