Spanish police have arrested three people whom where allegedly connected to the recent PSN security attacks, among this the three men where also some of the thirty something leaders of the branch Anonymous, a global network a hackers formed around different countries.

One of the suspects who was arrested was found in Gijon with a server inside his home that was used to breach the Sony online store, the national police also confirmed the server to have been used to hack to spanish banks, BBVA and Bankia. The over to men (not so interesting) where arrested in Barcelona and Valencia.

The Anoymous group also attracted attention last Decemeber during a breach within PayPal and Visa, in Sony’s case, dozend of its websites where hacked and security was breached on all, compromising millions of accounts, during the attack Sony where forced to suspend its Playstation Network costing them a total of around 173 million dollars.

Formal charrges arre yet to be filed but are likely to include forming an illegal association to attack public and corporate websites, meaning the suspects could serve as long as three years in prison, for now though they have been released without bail.