According to AllThingsD, the social networking overnight giant that is Twitter will be adding promoted tweet adverts to your timeline within the next month. In addition to this they will also be adding adverts and messages from the brands you follow above your timeline.


This will make sure that users will see ads when they first log-in to Twitter, such as if you follow a company like HP Computer you will see their ads on the top of your timeline as soon as you log-in, this will become an extremely effective method for advertisers as it will mean they can directly target their audience.

But will this be any good for the tweeters? Up to now Twitter hasn’t forced advertisements onto its users with their only form of promotion coming from the promoted topics that are included on the right side of the page.

But we all knew someday that Twitter will bring in more advertisements on the page, but this type of adverts might be a bit to intrusive, but at least they will be from company’s you actually like?

What so you think about this? Do you think Twitter should have ads? Or is there a better way to produce revenue?