The latest build of iOS 5 beta was released recently and show a few interesting features to developers, one of these feature is the new gesture-based accessibility which removes the need for every physical button currently on the iPhone, meaning Apple may want to remove the physical home button after all.


9 to 5 Mac released their own video and screenshots today that show off the new feature on iPad and iPhone, so far gesture controls is just for accessibility, but with a new iPhone rumored to be released this september it could mean a lot more.

The new feature allows you to control a number of features within the iPhone just by using a gesture, you can change screen orientation, raise or lower the volume, lock the device and a lot more, this shows that Apple may have a few things up their sleeve when creating a new iPhone.

Everyone knows by now that Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs any and all buttons on his products just take a look at some of the Apple product range only necessary buttons in sight, and rumors have it Steve wants rid of buttons all together.

What do you think about this? Would you want an iPhone with no buttons? Do you think all phones might turn ou this way?