Google are currently developing their own modular smartphone called Project Ara, but that isn’t set to be released for a long time yet. That said there is a new way of getting a modular smartphone system on your existing smartphone.

This is thanks to a new Kickstarter project that was launched this week to allow users to equip their current phone with modular segments via a smartphone case.

Developed for both iOS and Android, the modular smartphone case will enable users to costumes or upgrade certain parts by swapping them out.

To get this in production the project needs $50,000 in funding, but currently has over $48,000 at the time of writing, so that might not be too far away.

You can check out all of the planned segments in the image below, there’s also a video embed above to explain more, and as always, hit up the source link for more information and to back the project.


Source: Kickstarter

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