If you are looking for a new dashcam then you might be interested in the Nextbase 21GW that we are reviewing today.

This dashcam is particularly interesting because it includes a great Quad HD resolution that means the camera can record at 1440p, something that is particularly important if you are going to be recording security footage.

It also features a quick-release magnetic mount with WiFi connectivity to monitoring and accessing footage via your smartphone and the Cam Viewer companion app on iOS and Android.

To get it set up, you simply need to fit the quick release mounting system to your car’s windshield via the adhesive pad of the suction cup, whichever one that you prefer. Then you simply plug in the 4-metre microUSB cable to provide the dashcam with power.

Because it is so long, you can neatly wire the cable through door seals and around the windshield for a tidy installation that you won’t hate.

The quick-release system is particularly nice because it means you can quickly release and take the actual camera unit with you while keeping your preferred placement.

We also liked the touch-sensitive buttons on the 412GW, which makes changing the settings of the camera easy via various settings in the menu to change things like GPS tracking, speed stamping, your car licence plate details, and the configuration for the audio recording.

These buttons also illuminate when in use, making them as easy to use at night.

Once you have finished setting the 412GW up, you simply need to turn it on, at which point the dashcam will automatically record clips until the microSD card that you have put in is full. It features an inbuilt G-sensor that will mark footage to be saved if it detects something unusual such as an accident, or hard breaking. Once flagged, this footage will never be recorded over.

Of course, if you are driving over a road that isn’t particularly smooth this feature won’t work so well, however, you can disable it if you so choose to, or reduce the sensitivity in the menu.

If you have disabled it, or if the G-sensor doesn’t detect something that you want to record then you can manually mark a clip by pressing the emergency button on the front of the 412GW.

That said, this is a touch-sensitive button, so it can be annoying to press quickly. It might have been a better implementation if it was a physical button.

The best feature of the 412GW is definitely the recording quality.

The 412GW can record at up yo 1440p at 30 frames per second, or at 1080p at 60 frames per second for a smoother option, which may be a better option to choose.

You can play this footage back from a PC, from a smartphone over WiFi, or straight from the microSD card.

The footage will also feature location details and speed info plotted on a map via the GPS add-on, which makes it particularly great for retracing your steps or for insurance claims.

If you are interested in the 412GW, then you can pick on up from various retailers, including Halfords and Amazon for around £130 which is slightly expensive for a dashcam, however, since it is feature full, we would definitely say that it might be worth picking up if the footage is something that may have to rely on.

[alert type=blue ]Disclosure: Halfords sent us a sample of the Nextbase 412GW for the purpose of this review.[/alert]

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