Another leak current the Nexus Q has just been announced, the device will allow you to connect to all of the media you have in the cloud and I’ve gotta say it looks great.

The device also has connectivity to allow other people to use your stero system, I’ve gotta say the coolest part so far is defiantly the changing color lights.

Connects with your TV and speakers, you use your Google device to control the device but it doesn’t stream from your device instead it takes to content from the design.

Has NFC support, WiFi and Ethernet also it has a USB port and both analogue and HDMI outputs. From your tablet you simply chose the song and then the room you want to pay the music in.

Lights show up according to music and shows a visualizer on the TV, alongside that you can also select multiple devices in other rooms synced up to each device.

People can also come round and add music to the music queue allowing other people to become to DJ at your party, a lot like Apple’s Remote app.

At any time someone can also take over the music to control the device how they want, the Nexus Q also plays movies in the same sort of way allowing your friends to play movies from the Google Play, it will also pick up from the spot that the device the movie came from was last on.

Another feature the Nexus Q has is YouTube allowing users to play videos from the video streaming service on your home TV, other users can also share devices from their devices.

Available for Pre-Order today for $299 in the US, which will ship in Mid-July.

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