Last month Apple revealed a new version of the Apple Watch Series 2.

The Nike+ version of the watch was designed to be a unique version of the Apple Watch Series 2, providing similar functionality but with a breathable watch band and custom Nike watch faces.

It also comes alongside the Nike+ Run Club social service, which will integrate with the watch and will allow you to work out socially.

To finish it off, Nike added their swoosh to the aluminum back of the Apple Watch Series 2.

Today, Apple and Nike revealed that the new watch will be available from October 28th.

It will be available in black, gray, silver, or yellow.

All of the models will come with the standard aluminum case.

It will be available for from £369 for the 28mm case, or for £399 for the 42mm case.

You can find out more about it and pick up the Nike+ Apple Watch Series 2 at the source link below.

Source: Apple


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