Nike has today announced the release of an update to its tracker band, dubbed the Nike+ Fuelband SE, it brings a few new improvements to a design that looks similar to that of its predecessor, but now with a range of different colour ascents called Volt, Pink Foil or Total Crimson all of which all featured as a small accent alongside the black design.

One of the biggest new features, or rather a few of the biggest features are that it can now track cycling, rowing, running, toga and of course walking. IIt has now also been designed to be waterproof and now will now show the time on the screen from a double tap of the button, something which a lot of the previous FuelBand users might be thankful for.

The app to go alongside the band has also been updated, with a new fuel curve that can show activity once ever hour, letting you know if you have done enough over the last hour with a “won the hour” message.

The app has also been updated to work alongside the new M7 processor in the iPhone 5S and i will now add a Fuel Rate screen which tracks the speed at which you are gaining fuel points, there’s also a new session screen, which allows the band to track a single session of an activity, including sleeping, allowing you to share and add photos/ your location to that activity.

At the moment however, there’s no support for Android.

The Nike+ FuelBand is available for pre-order today, priced at $150 in the US, it is set for a November 6th release.

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