Back to the Future had a lot of cool ideas in it, now 27 years later, and some of these are actually starting to make their way into the present, with Nike announcing that self-lacing shoes were actually possible, and more than that, they were going to make some.

Called the HyperAdapt 1.0, they use a set of battery-powered pulleys that cinch the throat of the shoe, to get this to work, the wearer simply needs to step inside of the shoe, and it will then register their weight and the position of the foot inside.

Once the sensors read this data, the pulleys will contract the throat of the shoe around the foot by winding thread around a spool, the wearer is then able to adjust the tightness by pushing the plus/minus sign on the left of the shoe.

Hold it and the show will lessen fully.

Nike says that it wants to make micro-adjustments automated and reactive to biometric data on the fly.

That said, after a couple of wears, it will automatically adjust to your preferred setting. You will have to remember to charge them however. But they are said to last for two weeks on a single charge.

Check out the video below for a quick look.

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