Nike’s normally the company you go to for a new pair of trainers or football, but they are changing all that with their new Strobe Lighting Goggles, which have been proven to improve people’s short-term memory by Duke University.

The goggles basically simulate strobe lighting to an extent that the wearer can only see glimpses of the world around, which in the test helped uses to engage better in games such as catch, which was tested by comparing the results of the people wearing the glasses and the people not

Once they finished playing catch, the University started the memory test where they flashed eight randomly selected letters on a screen in front off participants, after which participants were asked to remember one of these letters.

According to the study the glasses actually worked, helping participants to retain more information, a lot of which was still active 24 hours later, so thanks Nike :).

If you want your own pair of the Nike eyewear, head over to their site right here.

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