For quite a while now portable gaming devices have been the laughing-stock of the industry with many people shunning them for their Xbox or Playstation 3 as they didn’t consider the portable devices to be as good a device in comparison. However this has set to change with the Nintendo 3DS. For the past two years Nintendo have been in trouble and people thought they were going to fold underneath the competition of Sony and Microsoft’s gaming monoliths. Nintendo 3DS was their hope for a comeback into the industry but when it was released it received a bad reception from the gaming community forcing Nintendo to drop the price of the consoles for $240 to $170 to compete with other consoles on the market.

The Nintendo 3DS XL which was released in July 2012 was set to change everything and it has succeeded. It has become a leading console on the market boasting a glasses free 3D display and some of the best games on the market, offering several titles which warrant a purchase of the console solely to play them. These amazing titles include Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D and come October Pokemon X and Y.

pkmnxy-540x293With Pokemon X and Y coming out this year I can see sales of the 3DS and the 3DS XL sky rocketing for people wanting to play the next generation of Pokemon. Before Christmas last year I purchased myself a 3DS XL solely to play Kingdom Hearts, holding on to the slight hope that a new 3D Pokemon game would be released later this year, and thankfully my wish came true.

Most years there is great debate over which console will prove the strongest whether it be through game releases or through other content, this year it appears to be Nintendo with several amazing titles set to be released. It’s main competition would have come in the form of Grand Theft Auto V and Last Of Us but unfortunately both games have been delayed to next year (Read more). Therefore Nintendo seems to have free reign over the best games of the year. We are yet to even see the full-scale of their games releases yet, still eagerly anticipating the announcement of a new Zelda and Metroid game, which hopefully both will be announced at E3 this year.

Since the release of the 3DS, Nintendo have sold over 30 million systems worldwide and I can guarantee this number will increase greatly over the year ready for Pokemon X and Y’s release. I have had my console since before Christmas and I love it, I have poured hundreds of hours into Pokemon White 2 and am still happily playing it. It is a great system to have and I reviewed it earlier in the year as well if you need more convincing.

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