You will soon be able to experience Super Mario World outside of the computer screen, with news that a Mario theme park zone has begun its construction phase.

Called Nintendo Land, the zone will open in Universal Studios and Nintendo has already been granted the rights to Universal Studios to use some of its creations in the park.

However, you won’t be able to visit Nintendo Land if you’re outside of Japan, with the section of the park being constructed at the Japanese Universal Studios in Tokyo.

The Japanese news outlet, Sankei has also reported that Nintendo Land will be completed by 2020.

It is also said to feature Mario’s world, with a real-life Mario Kart track.

Rides will also include virtual reality features, according to various sources, Universal will be spending 400 billion yen (around $352 million) to build the park, however, as of yet, that’s about all we know about the park.




We don’t yet know the full plans for the park, however, it is certainly interesting to see the gaming world brought into the real world.

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