Yesterday we posted a report of Sony’s patient for a new biometric controller, today Silconera reported that Nintendo has also filled a new patient for a controller with a touchscreen.

In their report Siliconera reported the potential addition of a touchpad accessory to the soon to be released Wii U, which is basically a large touchscreen controller which can be used alongside the console but the console can only have one of these controllers linked with it at a time, which according to Siliconera, Nintendo will remake with this new accessory alongside the console in order to allow other members of your gaming party to play alongside you.

But the way it works is more interesting as the device is a sort of clip on add on to the Wii’s controller, as you might be able to make out from the image above the accessory is placed at the top of the controller and works by transmitting light from the pad to the IR sensor, but this could be a huge disadvantage to gameplay as given the device reads light interruption unlike a usual touchpad we suspect that this device may not be very accurate.

What do you think about this? Would you use it? Do you think it would work?

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