The 3DS XL or LL depending on where you live, has been out for quite some time now, but Nintendo is still trying to lead some new customers in with the release of three new bundles in Japan.

The first bundle has been named the Monster Hunter Tri G bundle, and includes the black 3DS LL (XL), and of course the Monster Hunter Tri G game, releasing on November 1st for 21,800 yen, which is about £172.

Next up is the Animal Crossing: Jump Out bundle launching on the 8th, this pack will include a 3DS LL (XL) that has been designed with a special pattern just for the game, alongside which the game will also be included, on launch date the game will be priced at 22,800 yen which is about £180 here in the UK.

And last but not least, launching for the same price as the Animal Crossing bundle, Nintendo will also be launching a New Super Mario Bros. 2 bundle, that will include both the game and a black and red LL (XL), which will be covered in icons from the game, and will launch on November 15th.

So far these bundles are only launching in Japan, with no word on if or when they will launch in other countries, we will let you know if they do however.

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