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Comic-Con is a great place to be at this moment if your into anything to do with geek especially if its to do with technology, and that’s why Nintendo are there now showing off there newest product the 3DS XL.

When compared to the previous 3DS the XL looks absolutely huge, with a few changes compared to the previous model with a 90% bigger screen than the 3DS the Xl packs a 4.8inch top screen, Nintendo have also added a click to the 3D slider, letting you know when you have set the 3D functionality off.

It’s not just the screen and slider that have changed, Nintendo have also changed the shape of the speakers and enlarged the home, start and select buttons. Alongside that they have also moved the stylus holder to right side to make it easier to remove and use.

The 3DS XL will launch on August 19th, check out the video below for more information and a quick look at the device.


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