Recently Nintendo released a new mini console that has been designed to build upon gamer nostalgia by providing them with the launch of the NES Classic Edition console.

This console is a replica of the original Nintendo NES system that was released by Nintendo back in 1985.

However, unlike the original NES, it only has a fixed amount of games, 30+ in total, forcing you to a set of games that you cannot expand upon, but there are some of the best games from the NES series.

Despite that, the NES Classic Edition has sold well, in fact, today Nintendo announced that they had sold almost 200,000 in the first month of November, with a total of 196,009 consoles sold.

We would be interested to see if these sales will continue, but with Christmas coming up, it will likely be in a few stockings.

Nintendo will also be releasing their new Nintendo Switch console next year.

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