Nissan has today revealed new technology that will allow them to enter the home power storage market, called xStorage, it is a project from both Nissan and Eaton, the power management company.

This home battery will be a direct competitor to Tesla’s powerwall, providing eco-friendly domestic power reserve via the use of batteries.

It has been designed to be connected to the mains, however, it would be more eco-friendly to connect it to a renewable energy source, which will allow you to store power for when you need it, saving the world’s energy and you money at the same time.

The xStorage has also been designed to take its power off-peak when prices are lower, providing you with stored energy for use when there is high demand for mains power. With renewables  it will be able to store the energy surplus from solar, or from other sources and then return it to the grid, as well as provide you with a power reserve should there be a power failure.

Nissan says that it wants to use xStorage in order to provide batteries that have been used in the company’s electric vehicles with a second life, providing users with the ability to swap out and install up to a 4.2KWh battery.

Nissan has also fitted the xStorage with smartphone connectivity to allow you to control it remotely, and expects that over 1o0,000 of these boxes will be installed over the next 5 years.

The Nissan xStorage system will be priced at £3,200 when it launches, and that will include the complete installation of the unit along with cabling.

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