Nixie tube clocks are already extremely cool, however, we have never seen anything like this clock that we are going to talk about.

Called the Nixie Machine II, it combines the retro Nixie tube design with a modern design that definitely looks like it might just kill you and the rest of the world.

Sadly, it was only created as a limited run art piece, so you probably won’t see one anytime so, let alone set one on your desk.

It was created by Frank Buchwald and Dalibor Farny for the M.A.D. Gallery and uses six Nixie tubes that will show you the time with a glowing orange colour, sat upon a spider-esk station that makes this thing look MAD simply.

And the War of the Worlds body isn’t the only thing that’s modern, the Nixie Machine II also comes with an integrated Wi-Fi connection that allows it to automatically set the time, as well as set things like the day / night modes as well as the automatic dimming controls via an online interface, from a Nixie tube clock….

This makes it the best Nixie tube clock around and yet it is something that you will probably never see out of photos. Thankfully, we have some of them for you below.

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