Three’s CEO, Dave Dyson revealed earlier today that Three are in “no rush to launch LTE,” continuing to say “First we’ll see how 4G is positioned by O2 and Vodafone and look at how we position it. I’m fairly relaxed about it.”

Dyson says that he is currently satisfied with the speed of 3G, and that Three are getting good feedback from customer using their 3G service, but still plans to rollout its 4G service to high-demand areas by the end of 2014, but until then they will continue to market handsets as both 4G ready and part of the 3G HSPA+ network.

Which isn’t as strange as you would think, as a lot of other carriers seem to be thinking the same thing, in fact last month, Vodafone’s CEO called 4G customers “technofreaks”.

The more interesting point from Dave however is from his statement back in February when he said, “We don’t want to limit Ultrafast services to a select few based on a premium price and we’ve decided our customers will get this service as standard.” Which could mean we might see the service marketed at it’s cheapest with Three, so it might be worth waiting for it.

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