A new wearable device launched earlier this week, called Nod it is a Bluetooth gesture controller for more or less everything, supporting both PC and Mac, iOS and Android tablets and phones, Nest thermostats, Hue lighting systems, and even Google Glass.

The device can connect to these devices using both Bluetooth and WiFi for the devices that don’t use Bluetooth for their connection.

It will also come in a black plastic casing that is both water and dust proof, featuring a rechargeable battery that is said to last a day. There’s also a capacitive touch panel and a couple of small buttons on the ring itself, both of which can be set up to perform various functions, and can even be used with third-party apps.

Nod will also act as a cursor, responding to gestures, movements and physical commands using a nine-axis accelerometer, as well as using both gesture and proximity sensors.

There’s also two Cortx M3 processors inside, with 32,000 dpi accuracy for movement, as well as technology inside that can recognise gestures like swiping, rotating, and one-, two-, or three-finger motions, each of which could enable you to unlock a phone, log into a computer, turn lights on or off, adjust temperature, unlock a door, type/text, and even game.

You can find out more about Nod, and even pre-order it at the link below.

Source: Nod pre-order

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