A company called FUZ Designs has this week announced a new product that hopes to bring a 21st century version of the padlock. Launched on the crowding funding website Kickstarter, Noke is the world’s first Bluetooth padlock that can be used to secure entry’s and belongings easily with a bit of tech added.

Access to the padlock can also be shared with others to allow entry to friends and family.

“Keys have been used to open locks for centuries. But keys have the same problems today as they did back then. They are easy to lose, they can be stolen, they are a pain to share, and if you share them, you must get them back. Sharing combinations has its own set of issues.”

“At F?Z Designs, we thought it was time to put those problems behind us, so we created Noke. By using Noke and your smartphone, you’ll always have easy access to all the important things in your life. In addition, you’ll be able to share access to your possessions easily, safely, and securely.”

In order to launch the product, FUZ Designs is looking to raise $100,000 in pledges, currently they are at $60,000 at the time of writing so they could do with a little push to get the required funding to go into production.

Check out the video above to take a look at the Noke, and if it looks like something you might want to buy, than make sure to pledge some money at the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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