The Nokia 700 was only released a little over a week ago and has already taken the world by storm, the super slim and compact smartphone supports a wide range of easy to use features and even comes with 5 different colored casing options, (which may vary depending on region or retailer) and include silver white, cool grey, purple, peacock blue & coral red.

The phone itself has also been manufactured using high-quality glass and metal measuring 0.97cm deep, 11cm tall and 5cm wide, weighing in at 96 grams making it an extremely lightweight and portable phone, alongside the 700 the 701 and 600 were released at the same time but all support NFC and Symbian Belle operating systems.

The 700 has some amazing features that defiantly set it apart from the other two, one of which is its outstanding 3.2 inch AMOLED touch screen with ClearBlack technology and a Gorilla® glass display, making the screen perfect for watching the latest TV shows and movies on as well as providing a large space for typing out documents.

Alongside this, the phone also sports a 2GB internal memory which is expandable up to 32GB’s, but that’s not all the phone also features a variety integrated messaging services, allowing you to communicate with friends without sending messages or using up your minutes.

These services have been made extremely easy to access and can be used to share a variety of objects such as photos, videos and even documents, alongside this you can also use the variety of call options depending on your needs such as conference and video calls, and can even be done on 3G, as the 700 will also support 3G, HSDPA, HSUPA and GSM networks to make sure you are never left without a signal.

As well as all of these connections the phone even supports GPS navigation with Nokia Maps allowing the phone to show you routes to a variety of destinations by car or even walking, as well as this the 700 also includes Bluetooth, Micro USB and Near Field Communication as well as Wi-Fi, after all of that I have got to say this phone has no problem with connecting to other devices.

With the 700 Nokia have created a perfect entertainment powerhouse, making the phone ideal for any type of mobile gaming you could possibly think of, probably one of the best features of this phone is its extremely responsive touchscreen making it easy to tear through some of your favourite games.

Alongside this, the phone is also perfect for round the clock music listening via the inbuilt music and radio player you can share a loud music experience whilst still making your music personal when you need to with the included headphones.

As well as this the phone also takes some amazing pictures with it’s inbuilt 5-megapixel rear facing camera which supports both photo and video capturing, allowing you to capture and record some amazing photos and videos which can then be shared, stored, printed or even uploaded with great ease.

To summarize I would recommend the 700 to anyone who wanted a phone that can do it, but does it well, the Nokia 700 includes some great features which will give some of the bigger and more expensive phones out there a run for their money.

Do you have a Nokia 700? Why not review it below and tell us what you think.

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