The Nokia 701 is sort of the one up from the 700 we reviewed earlier, the phone comes equipped with mostly the same features that the 700 has but does have a few more tricks up it’s sleeve, probably the best of which is how slim the phone actually is, and is only 1.1cm in depth, 11.72 in height and 5.68cm wide, alongside this you even have the choice of three different colours, which include a light silver, dark steel and amethyst violet.

The 701 also rocks a 3.5 inch IPS-LCD touch screen and like the 700 also includes ClearBlack technology and a Gorilla glass display, which allows you to enjoy your images and videos in near perfect quality, the phone also supports an extremely wide variety of connections including 3G, HSDPA, HSUPA and GSM.

Alongside this the 701 also has a massive 8GBs of internal memory alongside the option to add up to 32GBs via external memory adding up to a massive 40GBs which is huge, the phone also supports full GPS navigation as well as Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as the newest and probably best feature on the phone NFC or Near Field Communications.

The phone also features a pretty good speaker which can be used for listening to music aloud as well as taking calls, which the 701 does extremely well by allowing you to make both conferences and video calls, as well as this the phone also features some decent social networking integration as well as instant messaging services like MSN.

Defiantly one of the best uses for this phone is playing music and video, from which with the integrated music player you can access some pretty great features such as a graphic equalizer, loud speaker and probably the best part when fully charged it can provide up to 71.4 hours of music playing time with the phone set to offline mode.

If you enjoy taking movies and pictures this phone has you covered, with an 8-megapixel camera as well as full focus, red-eye removal, automatic motion blur reduction, 2x digital zoom and can even record high definition video at thirty frames per second with a 3x video zoom.

And with a fully charged battery you can play up to 8.9 hours of your recorded movies back as well as watch anything else you have installed on the device.

TO summarise I think this phone is simply brilliant, it is very thin with some amazing entertainment features, and is defiantly the phone I would buy out of the two, I would recommend this to anyone who likes the Nokia 700 (Check out my review for the 700 here) but just isn’t sure if it’s enough, with this phone adding a few more features it should be great.

Have you got a Nokia 701? Why not review it below and share what you think.

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