A few weeks ago at Nokia World, Nokia showed off their new music streaming service called, MixRadio. The new service just got a little more official with Nokia announcement of a partnership between them and The Echo Nest, which is the platform which will basically host the service.

If you live in America you may be familiar with a service called Pandora, the service which is also powered by The Echo Nest has become extremely popular amongst the whole of the US, allowing you to listen to music on-to-go, creating your own radio station based on genres of music, MixRadio is more or less the same service with a Nokia logo.

MixRadio will also base a lot of the music on your playlists, on what you already stored on your phone, as well as this the service will also allow you to store music in a particular group, and temporarily download it to your phone so you can listen to your favourite tunes wherever you are, without an internet connection.

But that’s not all, as well as all of this the app also features “Gig Finder” function allowing you to find concerts that are going on around your current location. The new service will be available pre-installed on the Lumia 800 and other phones onwards from this point, but will not be available in older phones in most countries till the end of next year maximum.

What do you think about MixRadio? Would you use it?

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