Recently Nokia have for some reason decided that they need to act like a normal tech company (well nowadays anyway) and have sent a request to the courts to ban the sale of BlackBerry smartphones in the US, UK and Canada due to an apparent infringement on a patent the company holds to do with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Which is not the first time Nokia have taken RIM to the court, as earlier this year the courts passed a ruling to force the company to pay the licence fees for them to use the Wi-Fi technology.

However RIM is yet to pay these fees as they claim that a licensing deal they made earlier should cover the currently disputed Wi-Fi patent and not pay the second fee, but the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce then disagreed with the claim.

Alongside which the company is also in the middle of a case with Nokia i German courts where it is in the middle of a battle against the claim that they have allegedly infringing patents to do with media tags, software update methods and data sharing, which Nokia seems to also be winning.

Via: TechRadar

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