Nokia’s new maps application named Here is now available to tackle Apple’s pre-installed Maps service, now available to download on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad as long as their running iOS 4.3 or above, it has also been optimised for the iPhone 5.

We have had a quick go with the application already, and I have to say its pretty impressive. Maps look great on the app in more or less any view with options to  view locations in an ordinary map view, satellite view or even with traffic/ public transport locations.

You can also use the app to view reported accidents, construction sites, congestion or anything else that has been reported.

Searching for locations is an extremely quick process and I really like how the app has been designed with great colours and easy to view directions.

When viewing directions you can either set up step by step directions or add audio directions to make it easier and safer to drive , you can also select either walking, driving or public transport directions.

You can download the app free from the link below, were not sure when this might launch on Android

Source: iTunes app store

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